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2016 St. Nick’s Breakfast a Success!


Thank you for the great turnout to help the youth ministry with the St Niok Breakfast this year – We had a great St Nick ( thanks I believe to Fr Pat) and the event was very well received by all. The goal we set up originally was to make $400 based on an expected 180 sales for the Youth Ministry but with the kids pre-sales and a large walk in we were able to handle over 300 which provided the Ministry with $780 or almost double our expectations.  I believe we were able to work very well with the youth ministry on this event and everyone had a great experience.  I thank John Leirey for the high turnout form the Youth Ministry and all the Knight s for ther direct support and help with the kids

Once again thank you and have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas

Ed Wollyung

For photos from the event, visit the gallery below.

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